My symptoms started out of nowhere on a Sunday afternoon.

By Darren

My symptoms started out of nowhere on a Sunday afternoon. I was working from home and sitting at my desk when I started to not feel good. I couldn’t explain what didn’t feel good or how I didn’t feel good but something was off, maybe I ate something I shouldn’t have?

Fast forward an hour or so and the chills set in. No fever yet, but checking constantly while googling what might be happening. Chills continue to get worse but still no fever for an hour or two. Then the fever hit and continued to climb and the chills turned into shivers and the body aches set in. Within a few hours I went from completely fine to a 102.7 fever, the worst chills/shivers I’ve experienced, body aches and a headache.

Went to the urgent care, got tested, had x-rays taken of my lungs and heart, everything checked out and was sent home to isolate. I received my results that following Thursday that I was positive.

That following week was hell. I would go through severe body temperature changes. Shivering in the fetal position to sweating in seconds. A headache that wouldn’t go away. Body aches, unable to sleep, unable to eat, and a temperature that was never under 100 degrees. A couple days in my gums started to become inflamed and no one really knew why, it hurt to do just about anything that involved moving my mouth.

The night time was the worst and I could almost set an alarm to when the symptoms would become unbearable. My fever would spike, the chills and shivers would come, the body aches would worsen and I wouldn’t be able to sleep.

That next Saturday, my fever broke and I was finally to get some rest. I never had a runny nose or cough and I kept thinking to myself that as long as I could breath that I would be ok. Sunday morning my symptoms went from chills and body aches to feeling like I had a really bad stomach flu. Nausea that would come in waves, constant running to the bathroom after trying to eat, my gums were still inflamed, so eating was difficult enough. This lasted until Wednesday, the nausea would come and go but food was never really appealing anyway. At this point I was just exhausted and ready for this to be over. The nausea and food aversion continues for a couple weeks as did the nausea and the inflamed gums.

Overall it took about a month for me to start feeling back to normal. It’s now been 6 weeks since my symptoms first started and I’m still abnormally fatigued but that’s slowly getting better. I ended up losing 15 pounds and almost 2 weeks with my family. I’m thankful everyday that my 1 year old son never exhibited any symptoms because I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I had exposed him to this.

This isn’t the flu or any normal virus. This was a month of my life that was unlike anything I’ve experienced and hope to never experience again