My symptoms began late December.

By M. M.

My symptoms began late December. Between Christmas and New Year’s my palpitations and shortness of breath were so bad I made an appointment to see my Doctor for Dec. 31st. Dr. Did blood tests and EKG and found nothing wrong, suggested I see a cardiologist, which I made an appointment to see for February 2nd. I began coughing and feeling congestion in my chest by early January. I went to the Urgent Care twice that month with complaints of bad Shortness of Breath and chest congestion. I was tested for the flu and it came back negative. Dr. brushed me off and claimed it was just a winter bronchitis, gave me prednisone and nebulized Albuterol. The second time I went I was also brushed off.. I requested a chest x-ray and was told it was not needed and that it was just my asthma coming back (I had asthma as a child and I’m now 45), I told them I knew well what asthma felt like and this was NOT my asthma coming back, they ignored this.

I spent all of January sleeping in the sofa as I felt more relief in that position. I bought a nebulizer and used it, along with OTC decongestants all month. At this point I realized the problem was my lungs and not my heart and skipped my cardiologist appointment. I began to breathe better by mid-February and I let my guard down (Stopped the herbs and OTC decongestants I’ve been taking. This brief pause only lasted a couple of weeks, by early March my SOB came back, along with weird flushed of fever that seem to creep up my body and burn my face... I thought maybe I was getting menopause. Fatigue became stronger and I had a hard time taking the long walks that I always took. By mid-March they shut down my workplace and I was grateful that I could stay at home and finish healing. My shortness of breath became worse and worse until on April 2nd I ended up at the ER. They claimed my oxygen level was fine, even thought it went down to 92 during a walk test they had me do. They claimed I wasn’t sick enough to stay and sent me home with two antibiotics. I had Extreme SOB for two straight days after ER visit and by the third I began to feel better.. I was happy that the antibiotics were working and thought this might finally be the end of it; The Covid test they did at the hospital came back negative, I was told it didn’t matter because they were getting “numerous” false negatives and they have ruled out everything else.

Two weeks after my ER visit, I came down with my highest fever yet, 102+ for two days and lost sense of taste and smell, this lasted about two weeks. I had been quarantined since my ER visit and was instructed to remain at home until I have no fever for three consecutive days... by late April I had my first three days fever free and began to go out for some needed sunshine and very brief walks to the park. By mid-May I felt GREAT and just KNEW I was out of it, it was then that I made the mistake of finishing a half-bottle of wine I had leftover since I was last feeling well in late February/early March. The next day my SOB and fatigue came back, I’ve had low grade fevers on and off and SOB through today, I don’t see and end in sight.

I visited the ER again on 8/7/2020, I had gone to a LabCorp to have a blood test done and my oxygen levels dropped to below 90... I took a cab to the ER and they found “minimal lung scarring” and “hyper inflated” lungs, they sent me home and I made appointment with a new Pulmonologist and the Cardiologist I never went to see in February.

I have two oximeters and my Oxygen is always low. I’ve been on the Stephen BUHNER protocol since mid-May and added a new Lung support supplement two days ago. This seems to have given me a Herx reaction and I was not able to sleep , my oxygen levels briefly dropped to the 50’s last night.

I also want to add that the disbelief of all doctors I’ve seen is something I would never have imagined. One pulmonologist I saw told me my oxygen could’ve never dropped to 88 or else I’d be passed out.. told me my lungs were great and told me he could no longer help me. My primary doctor tried but is totally at a loss, doesn’t know what to do with me anymore. I’m afraid about my oxygen levels dropping at night and will ask the new pulmonologist I’m seeing oxygen for the apartment so I can have peace of mind. I reached out to the Mount Sinai post-Covid clinic for help but they refused to take me because I never tested positive. I’m tired and scared.