I’m in the cosmetology industry – waxing specifically.

By Jess

I’m in the cosmetology industry – waxing specifically. My business had shut down mid March with the pandemic lock down until June first. I went back to work June third. I wore a mask every store I went in, walked around with sanitizer in my pocket, lysoled grocery packaging, door handles and steering wheels, etc. June 24th, I had a client come in for a service. They had texted me saying they didn’t have a mask (in order to come in the building, you need one), so I met them at the door with a clean and disposable one. I stood inside the building at the door (with my mask on), while they were outside and handed it to them in an arms length distance. Side note – I do a covid consent waiver before they’re allowed in the building as well. The only time I came into contact with this guest while their mask was off, was when I was handing them one. To their knowledge, at the time of their appointment they had not known they were exposed to someone positive. June 28th rolls around and I start to have allergy like symptoms. Congested, mild sore throat, sneezing and face pressure. June 30th, my client contacts me to inform me that they had been tested a couple days back and their result was positive. My significant other and I rushed to a testing site. It took 8 days for the results. And the WHOLE time of waiting, I knew I had it. I was vocal about it. I just felt different and off. Also side note – I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant. Migraines are a usual thing for me and even my boyfriend, but these are nowhere near comparable. We wake up with them and go to bed with them. No medications even come close to touching them. It feels like an electrical shocking helmet has been placed on my head covering the base of my neck, temples, forehead and everything in between. A cough for me personally lasted 2 days. I never actually got a fever either. Body aches then came along with 100% loss of smell. Back pain in the lung area slowly appeared. Chest tightness and being out of breath is a regular thing for me now. I’m 5 weeks of still having covid and I can’t even let out my own dog sometimes. Mid conversion I have to gasp for air. My heart rate is through the roof, the migraine is constant, and it feels like a 400 pound person is sitting on your chest. The newest symptom I’m experiencing is the feeling of being heavy headed and heavy eyes. I’m quite confused and I just feel a little slower at processing things than usual. I’ve had moderate surgeries and have recovered faster than this. I have had tonsillitis, strep, bronchitis and pneumonia more times than I can count on my fingers and toes. This is not close to any of this. This is head to toe. I’ve never been sick consistently for 5 weeks and counting. My boyfriend is the same way, however he has more of a cough. This is not the flu. I know people who have troubles pronouncing words now, their voice has changed, vision changes, there are folks I know going on week 18 of this. This is not the flu. This is not a joke. It’s very real. The assumption is that you have either died or 100% recovered. There are so so many people in between with permanent daily effects. Mild or severe, the flu has never left me with anything like this.