I was starting to think Covid was over, and life was going back to normal

By Sarah

I was starting to think Covid was over, and life was going back to normal. My job had just opened back up, after being closed for 3 months. When I went to work or anywhere out in public for groceries or other essentials I always wore a mask and sanitized my hands. I washed my hands with soap and warm water obsessively. I thought “there’s no way I’ll ever catch Covid.”...

Then out of the blue on a sunny Monday I began to have slight vertigo, some fatigue, diarrhea, and severe pains in my legs. The next day I had a low grade fever, a sore throat, and a headache. The third day I felt like I had the flu, so I called out of work and got tested for Covid. After the third day I wasn’t able to leave my bed or the couch except to do the most basic of tasks like warm up a bowl of canned soup or feed my dog.

Taking a shower is exhausting.

Five days later I received my Positive Covid result.

My symptoms are all over the place, and will morph/come and go within minutes. Sometimes my nose is stuffy, and suddenly it’s runny. Sometimes my eyes burn and become red and watery, and sometimes it stops. Every day I have either a just slight headache or a migraine.

I lost my sense of taste and smell completely.

The diarrhea is insane and the fatigue is unbearable.

Some days I’ll have chest pain in the left side, and/ or heart palpitations.

Some days I have a cough, some days I don’t. The only symptom that’s consistent is the crushing fatigue and low grade fever, which I’ve had almost every single day for 25 days.

The worst part of Covid is being this sick all alone.