I started having symptoms on June 28th- it was just a little bit of shortness of breath.

By Megen

I started having symptoms on June 28th- it was just a little bit of shortness of breath. I live with a roommate my son and her daughter. We already had suspected we would get it, because my roommates daughters babysitter had tested positive. So when we started having symptoms, we went to get tested the next day. Fast forward to July 1st and that is when I got really bad with the breathing so I went to the ER. They did an in house test on me, and it came back positive. But the facility that tested me 2 days prior had come back negative which wasn't true. I went a week generally just dealing with shortness of breath until midnight July 6-7th. I fell extremely Ill. I was shaking uncontrollably and vomiting and hot. I called an ambulance and went to the ER but they sent me home because my labs were good.

That whole week was the sickest I ever felt. I was so sick I don't remember my first 2 days. I was weak, couldn't walk or get up, debilitating fatigue, nausea, SOB and elevated HR. Very slowly over the course of 2 weeks I got better with the exception of 1 more hospital trip on the 10th and there I was diagnosed viral pneumonia. Based on my symptoms and recovery, my covid nurse released me from isolation on July 20th. On July 21st I felt great and did a grocery store trip with my son, but that evening had another relapse and fell very ill again.

This time I couldn't sleep I would wake up every 2 hours hot, nauseous, my whole body ached and had a burning tingle. I had nightmares every night and was extremely weak, pale and my eyes were swollen and I couldn't eat I couldn't pass a bowel movement in 4 days. That friday, July 24th I caved and went to the ER where I was there for 10 hours and 2 bags of fluids. My pneumonia was resolved my labs were find and a CT of my heart showed no problems. They sent me home chalking it up as unresolved issues from covid.

Today is Thursday July 30th. Since my hospital trip I've been improving, but with no warning or explanation as to why, yesterday July 29th I had a relapse, smaller, but a relapse. I struggled with the same issues I did the last week and today I am experiencing extreme fatigue and cannot get out of bed. My appetite has diminished as a result.

Currently I am supposed to get my son back from family after a week and a half on Saturday, but I keep getting so sick that I am unable to care for him. I am worried about my future and what it entails. So I've turned to God after 12 years of being out of faith.

That's my story.