I live in Israel. I remember when I traveled to the US in early February to visit my Dad

By Yael

I live in Israel. I remember when I traveled to the US in early February to visit my Dad, I was nervous. I tried to buy a mask in Israel, but all the stores were sold out, so I bought a mask in Florida for the plane ride home. As it turned out, I did not contract Covid19 until late March. I began feeling sick, and my adult daughter who I see often lost her sense of smell and taste. She had the first positive test. My husband and I and our four daughters living at home were then tested. Only one daughter did not test positive. At the time, Israel was very proactive about testing. They sent someone from MADA (the equivalent of Red Cross) every few days. Our family had over 40 tests administered before we all had two negative tests in a row. That allowed us to leave our well-monitored quarantine (lots of visits from the police and ministry of health and cell-phone tracking).

The girls were either asymptomatic or did not get very sick. My husband has diabetes and we were very worried about him. He had fever for almost 2 weeks, and he lost a lot of weight. Ironically, the weight loss has helped his diabetes. I lost taste and smell, had general malaise, and diarrhea.

Since “recovering” both of us have had lingering issues. My husband has severe insomnia and is very fatigued. I continue to have diarrhea and now have a lot of chest tightness and cough. Both of us have had several falls, making us suspicious that there may be some neurological issues. My doctor started me today on 10 days of antibiotics and referred me (and my husband) to the Post-Corona Clinic. Not sure what will happen there, but I suspect they are collecting data on long-haulers.

Israel just started reducing their vigilance and now follows CDC guidelines which state you aren't contagious after 14 days, and they are no longer doing follow-up tests. I am very sad that after the great start Israel had, the country seems to have lost its focus. Corona cases climb every day.

I've been dealing with this illness since late March, and it is now the end of July. I feel discouraged and wonder if it will ever end?