I am, or was, a Detroit public school teacher.

By Lauren

I am, or was, a Detroit public school teacher. First grade. We had to finish off the week in early March. You couldn't find hand sanitizer. I went to over ten stores. I eventually found some rubbing alcohol and aloe vera for the kids to use. My coworker got sick and was put on a vent. My security guard was super sick and not allowed to go home. We assumed it was going to be 2 weeks.

The first week home was like a terrible cold. Then I was out. I slept almost 20 hours a day, in a pool of sweat. The TV remote would be next to me, but I couldn't garner enough energy to grab it. I spent all of April and May watching a screensaver on the Roku and hobbling to the bathroom.

I could not get tested in time because I wasn't “critical”. I had worked closely without masks with my positive co-worker the day before she went on a vent, 110 pulse, 94 oxygen. No test.

I got a holter then an event monitor from a cardiologist that was reading 190 for heart rate. I often cannot breathe and 4 months in, I'm still sleeping most of the day.

I lost my job and have no insurance and no future. It's not the flu.