I am a RN that works at a large hospital in GA.

By Jackie

I am a RN that works at a large hospital in GA. I have a disabled spouse that has had a transplant, heart disease and a disabled mother with COPD and heart disease that reside with me. I live with the fear of bringing this virus home to my family, while continuing my calling and career as a nurse. I see the real reality of this virus in patients and the spreading in society because a lot of people refuse to believe this is a real pandemic, but unfortunately is is all too real and the cases are continuing to grow in our hospital and we are having to open more covid units, we have more positive covid patients now than ever before. I pray people become aware and the only way we can prevent spreading this virus is through social distancing and when we can't do that wear a mask, and continually wash hands, use hand sanitizer, as well as educate yourselves and make sure you are taking anything you hear and read from reputable and scholarly persons and sites. God bless and stay well.