Because of Covid 19 my disabled fiance and I are about to become homeless.

By Michelle

Because of Covid 19 my disabled fiance and I are about to become homeless. We've never felt so low in our lives.

We live with my father who is also a disabled veteran. My fiance and I moved in with him because my fiance needs a slew of surgeries and my father needed some care too. My fiance had back surgery last year and is recovering from shoulder surgery that he had two months ago. He was scheduled to have knee surgery July 29th which was canceled because of catching Covid. After his knee surgery he was supposed to have his other shoulder surgery and a spinal surgery. He was hit by a semi truck years ago, and had been fighting with the VA for many years to have these surgeries, but apparently his injuries were not “bad enough” to warrant procedures until his body deteriorated enough. It's been a constant battle with the VA. So much so we had to hire an attorney to work on getting his disability increased and getting Social Security Disability. That fight is still ongoing. And if you know anything about VA disability, or even getting the care you need, it's very slow moving. He needs a lot of care in recovery, and lots of physical therapy. Which is why we made the decision to live with my father so he could recover and we could afford to live on just my income selling on Ebay. It gave me the flexibility to take care of them both. It's been exhausting, but worth the fight to get my fiance healed. He's been living with immense pain for way too long.

My father agreed that this would be the best thing for us since he couldn't have the surgeries any other way because we couldn't afford to keep our rental home on just my salary. So all's good. He gets two surgeries and is on track to have his third when I test positive for Covid. Because my father is immune compromised with severe COPD, emphysema, and other health problems, we had to quarantine at an efficiency for 14 days to keep him safe. My fiance was scheduled to have knee surgery on the 29th (the day I was to get off quarantine) but he tested positive for Covid (two days before surgery). We kinda knew it was going to happen, but I had read stories of people living together and sleeping in the same room where the other person didn't catch it, so I was trying to stay positive that maybe we would get lucky. We didn't. And so, we had to find another place to quarantine for another two weeks. Which means another two weeks without pay. To make matters worse, the water pump on our Jeep broke. Great. /s

We have three more days in quarantine. We are so ready to go back home. Then boom. My dad calls today and said we needed to talk. He said he's scared for his life, and scared he is going to catch Covid. I already put him at risk once. And he was lucky not to catch it. But next time he might. He's worried we are going to bring the virus home to him again, and I can absolutely understand that. He was super lucky not to catch it this time.

Even with all the precautions I took, I still caught it. I always wore a mask, and used so much hand sanitizer my skin should have peeled off. I haven't even seen my friends in over two and a half months. I stayed at least six feet away from people, and still caught the damn virus. Even still, I feel immensely guilty.

Almost everything we had was spent on staying in a hotel for a month, and fixing our vehicle. We have under $100 left to our name with two bills coming up, and now we have to move out with nowhere to go. My dad apologized over and over. I told him I'm not mad at him, I understand it's his life he is worried about, but I have no idea what we are going to do, or where we're going to go.

I live in SW Florida. If anyone knows of any resources that I can reach out to please let me know. We will be calling the VA first thing in the morning to see if they offer any help, but I won't hold my breath. I'll also be calling the Red Cross and 211. Those are the only resources I'm familiar with. In the event that we have to stay in a shelter, I'm going to beg my dad to take care of our dogs until we can find a place to live. I've been crying with just the thought of having to give up our dogs. They are like our children.

I'm so tired of this pandemic. I'm so tired of struggling.